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Method of Payments:


Payment can be done by Pay Cash at the Bank, or Western Union.


Pay Cash in Bank:

You will need my full name, bank account and sort code.


I will need to know how much you paid and which city and possibly, bank’s full address, will be very helpful for verification of your payment.


*Keep the Bank receipt for your own reference. Thanks


Western Union

You will need my full name and location.

I will need your Name, Location and Amount sent,

Western Union, and (Code)

Money Transfer Control number (for collection)

Step 1

You can contact me on the contact page and see my availability to discuss your web site with me.


Step 2

Once we have agreed on when and how your web site will be done and when to start, I will need 50% deposit of before I can start working on your website.


Step 3

Send me the text and photos for your web site and also the Domain name, you want to use for your site.


Step 4

I start creating your site.


Step 5

I will send you a link to show you the progress of your site and you can let me know if you want any changes done to it or if you are happy with it as it is.


Step 6

All changes are done for the final stage for your web site, and

I will send you the final creation of your website for you to confirm you are happy with your website.


Step 7

I will need the final payment to clear, thenYour site will now be

added to major search engines. Ta daa!



It may take about 1 to 3 weeks to get your site found but mostly 10 days, your site should be live.

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