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1.How and why did you became an Escort and Adult web site designer?


I became an adult web designer due to escorts who contact me as a female photographer and

told me what their photos where to be used for and I helped them with their posses as I regularly work with models. The ladies often asked me if I knew of any website designers as the designers they had in mind were too busy to get their site done for them urgently, so with my skills of

Creative Design, I stepped in to help them to get their sites done for them within days and by

word of mouth I got some more sites done and this is how FWSD was born.


2.How soon can I get my site done and start work?

Web site design ONLY can be done within 7 work days and if you want more personalised sites,

it may take about 2 working weeks to get your site done.


3. Can you start my website without my photos?

Sorry, No. This is because i can only create a Fab site for you; with the photos you give to me,

in order to create a more personalised site for you.


4. I already have photos; will you still get my site for me?

Yes, that is not a problem. As long as you have copy rights to the photos to be used on the

site that is fine.


5. My photos are not edited or air brushed. What do I do?

Don’t worry, with my photography skills I can do that for you before using the photos for

the website and I like to meatain natural look rather making the photos look artificial.

You can take a look at my photography work here.


6. How do I get my photos to you if I already have my photos taken?

You can send me the photos on a CD, USB memory stick or by email. Whichever method is best

suitable for you, am willing to work with you, to make thing easy and smooth.


7.Do I have to meet you in person for my site to be done?

No, you do not have to meet me in person, unless, you want me to do both your photo

shoot and web site for you.

Frequently Asked Answers