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Banner Design

I can design a matching standard banner size of 468x60 for your website for just £15.


Photo Editing

If you already have photos, that need s bit of editing, retouching or air brushing, I can do a basic editing for you. If you are getting you site done by me, I will do this for you at no cost but you will be charged if I have to editing just your photos for you.



I also do photography of all sorts: from Fashion to adult nude. Please see some of my photography work here


Video Work

I have also done video work for people for personal use and also adult workers to promote themselves.

Google Analytics Account











This is a Free Service and I can set it up for you and no cost.


If you don’t know what google Analytics is, then let me help you understand it.

It’s a Google Analytics an online graph sheet provided by Google to shows you where or which search engine is bringing your website traffic.


It can also show you which location your website visitors and visiting your website, such as country, town and so on.


You can even check what type of device that are been used to visit your website, such as Desk top computer, tablets, Phone and so on.


You may find it not only helpful for you to select where to market your website but also entertaining in some aspects.

Some Extra Services

Google-Analytics 2 Photo Studio